December 8, 2019
Landscape Design

Landscape Design

The other day, I looked out and noticed my lawn had diminished over the years. Working on my own large projects had meant forgetting the smaller things. Now I had a little bit more time to think about these things. I talked to my cousin John the other day and we had a chat about taking care of our land, why it was important. Land is one of the most valuable things left, even if what you own can only fit a small house. I finished getting my morning cup of coffee, got online and started looking for a landscaping company that could help me out.

I tried calling one company, but the only voice that answered was a robot telling me their office was closed for the weekend. I didn’t want to sit and look at my run down lawn all weekend. John’s conversation with me had really turned my perspective around when it came to a lawn. Some patches were bare in the spots that didn’t get enough sun, other places were full of dead trees and bramble that hadn’t had any leaves all year. I picked up the phone again and dialed the next site that I pulled up. A young man answered the phone. He seemed energetic, which was a good sign to me. I’ll spare the details for the most part, but when the team arrived they were ready to handle the job.

They came in a little over a month ago, a day after I called. The landscaping team worked quickly – in a little under a week I had a brand new stone walkway that led up to my door. They placed grass seed in the bare spots of my lawn, fertilized the rest and even removed a large amount of dead brush and trees. It looks like the trees were never there.

Landscape Design

I waited about two weeks for the grass to start coming in, and it came in beautifully. I decided the call them in again to have them redesign my backyard, as well as add on a stone wall to part of my fence where I want to start a raised garden this coming Spring. The team was energetic and friendly, just as they were last time, I couldn’t have been happier with their work. They gave me a layout plan of how I could redesign my yard. I absolutely loved it and gave them the green light to start working on it. Now, my house only sits on an acre of land, but the design they suggested was a perfect fit. They were finished with the entire re-design in under three weeks. This was a few days ago, but before they left I told them that I wanted to have them come out and get my lawn maintenance done by them every month.

Now, I want to share this company with all of you who may be reading this. This landscape design company went above and beyond with both service and results.

I am happy with how my lawn looks now. I invited John over yesterday, once he was back from his fishing trip. He was absolutely shocked by how much my yard had changed over the past two months. From a drab, old and worn down patch of grass to the lush and diverse terrain it was now. The grass is still filling out in some places and I can’t wait to see how it looks in the Spring. The land I had glanced at once or twice over the years had turned into a thing of beauty that I couldn’t pass up spending my mornings in with a hot cup of coffee in my hands.