November 16, 2019
Ceramic Tile and Luxury Vinyl for Beach House Flooring

Ceramic Tile and Luxury Vinyl for Beach House Flooring

Before choosing the type of material you will use for your house, always consider the location and weather. Consider the humidity level too as some materials will not last or cannot adapt to different conditions whether you’ll undergo a home project, this time a floor installation. One may ask the type of flooring suitable for a beach house. Not all floors are created equal when it comes to beach house floor. Keep in mind that certain flooring that works great at your house in the city doesn’t automatically means that it will provide the same comfort for your beach house.

As a beach house owner, always consider that living by the beach, you’ll live together with sand and salted water which might eventually reach your floor. As this may occur, you’ll probably wouldn’t want to witness what sand and grit can do to a wooden floor.

Beach house flooring needs special features like resistance on water, simple to clean, and durable wear layer and building. Considering these features, two options are greatly recommended that would be fit for the floor for a beach house location.

Ceramic Tile and Luxury Vinyl for Beach House Flooring


Top of the list of best floors for a beach house is ceramic tile flooring. They are easy to clean, and highly water-resistant which are plus for a beach house. The tiles and grout need to be sealed are what’s the important thing about tile flooring in a beach house. From the difficulty in handling the material, installation or repair of the floor is only recommended being done by a professional.

Advantages of Ceramic Tile Flooring

  • Especially when glazed, minimal maintenance is needed
  • During warm weather, it helps maintain cooler temperature
  • There are wide range of types and styles from which to select from
  • There is a significant increase in resale value


Another beach house flooring option worth considering is luxury vinyl, especially if you opt for a material that is somewhat softer underfoot. Minus the high price, luxury vinyl also comes with the added feature of appearing exactly like wood. Click here to get more about Luxury Vinyl flooring.

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl

  • It can be a do-it-yourself project as it is easy to install
  • The maintenance of material is easy and upkeep
  • It is water resistant for vinyl planks
  • For its features, you’ll have a  great price point