November 16, 2019
"I've Got A Guy"

“I’ve Got A Guy”

Last Friday, John and I got into an argument. It’s nothing big, these arguments happen from time to time, especially if you’re family. However, he won’t be coming by to visit for another week at least. I felt a little sad, and as if the powers that be were trying to tell me something, my kitchen pipes burst two days later. Knowing John, he’d be quick to point it out and tell me “Paul, you need to get that fixed, you can’t just turn off your water and forget about it. Listen, I know this really great plumber…” and then he’d go on to tell me about his experiences with the last four plumbers, and why the latest guy was the best in town. He was rarely ever wrong, he had a knack for picking out a good serviceman or craftsman. In a strange way, I missed that. But, I couldn’t think about it while I was staring at the water pouring out from underneath my sink. I went out into the yard and shut the water valve off, going about my day. I never used the kitchen sink except once a week to wash my dishes anyway.

That night I tried to turn on the shower. That’s about the time I realized what a good idea getting online and calling a plumber is. I’ve learned a few things in my years and the biggest one that came to mind at that moment in the shower was: repairs are better done sooner rather than later. This was especially important when I used to deal with rental homes; no one wanted to rent a home that didn’t work perfectly.
Unfortunately, I had a bad habit of not applying that lesson to my own home. My house was clean, it was functional for my needs, and that was all I wanted. Now that I’m out of the rental business, perhaps John’s usual wisdom was starting to get to my head. All I could think about was that it was time to start taking care of my own home. I even had a dream that night where I was fixing my own plumbing leak.

"I've Got A Guy"

Morning rolled around and with my cup of coffee in hand, I started my search online. I called into one of the first results the internet brought up, which was advertising a handyman.
This site offered a range of services from air conditioning repair to plumbing and kitchen remodeling. They also owned a separate landscaping company with brand new John Deere machines.I thought it was pretty cool that they could help me with all of my Homeowner needs. I laughed – if they were good, then I could tell John I knew a guy, for once.

A man on the other side of the phone picked up. He sounded competent like he had experience under his belt. This was a kind of guy I could tell I was going to like. I explained my situation to him, and he gave me a simple quote range. I scheduled a time for him to come out and fix it. He was busy until later in the afternoon, but he said he could squeeze in a time today, which was something I was happy about. I could shower tonight.

The afternoon nearly passed when my doorbell rang. He quickly got to work by taking my old kitchen pipe off, fitting a new one to the faucet and securing it in place. He was finished in under twenty minutes! Of course, my problem was an easy fix. I directed him to my water shut-off valve and it wasn’t long before the faucet came to life with a stream of water. He checked to make sure none of the seals were leaking before giving a friendly goodbye and making his way out the door, check in hand. My sink hasn’t had a problem since and I’m sure I’ll be giving him a ring to cut my lawn shortly.

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