Importance of Conducting A Roof Inspection

It would be a big help if the homeowner would identify most problems on roof area before the problem becomes complicated enough that fixing it would need a huge amount of money. By conducting a yearly roof inspection both externally and internally will hasten the problem.

As a homeowner, consider hiring a professional roofing contractor to carry out an inspection and provide you with a detailed report if you already have a suspicion that the roof might have problems. However, in most cases, even by just using a pair of binoculars from the ground and looking at the loft space, it’s easy enough to inspect the roof yourself.

Nonetheless, to get a view from as many angles as possible so you don’t miss look anything is also essential. Make sure to look out for the following when checking the surface of the roof:

  • Roof tiles that are cracked, unseat or missing
  • Significant mass of moss or algae
  • Disfigured mortar around the chimney
  • Rust spots on flashing and damaged caulk
  • Gutters or downspouts are blocked

The missing or damaged roof tile is by far the most serious problem. This will truly occur if it’s left unattended and maintenance of the roof is poor. Aside from the list, there are other factors but are usually easy to deal with and do not confer a major problem.

It may present a surface concern once there’s a build-up of moss or algae but this rarely shows any problem with the roof. This usually occurs in highly moist areas that is why it is recommended to have the roof inspected.

Lastly, be certain to look out for an excessive build-up of granules in the gutter systems if the roofing has a covering of felt tiles because these could be a sign that the protective covering on the tiles is starting to develop a fault.